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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  September 3, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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thursday to convince the businessman to stick with the gop no matter what. >> reporter: they press the candidates to endorse the nominee regardless of who it is. all supporting the nominee, including jeb bush. >> the end is near as they continue to win over voters. thursday bush said that trump will hurt the republican party. >> let's create terrorists and do this and that and all based on negativity. >> a new poll out on thursday shows trump at 30%, up four points since the first gop debate. craig boswell cbs news, washington. >> the south carolina republican presidential candidate has been pushing for a loyalty pledge announcing last week that candidates must sign one by the end of the month if they want to be
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included on the state's primary ballot. the clerk is now behind bars after a federal judge held her in contemptive court for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. late today kim davis refused to accept a compromise that would have let her out of jail. attorneys for the plaintiffs would propose that she be lead out of custody if she promises not to interfere with five of the six deputies who now say they will issue the licenses starting tomorrow. the born-again christian cried on the witness stand believing that god's moral law is higher than the courts. but the judge said that the oath she took to uphold state law must be kept. and south carolina will seek the death penalty against dylann roof the white man charged with killing nine black people at a charleston church. and an afternoon news conference that the top prosecutors would say that the ultimate crime deserves that ultimate punishment, facing the federal charges including hate crime. prosecutors in that case have not said if they will pursue the death penalty. chaos on the tracks today as the migrant crisis in europe
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would continue to escalate. the dramatic scene unfolded as they would push their wife and young child on to the train tracks in protest. they believed that they were headed to austria, instead taken to the refugee camp west. for that the prime minister said mostly muslim refugees would threaten to undermine the europe's christian roots. >> did they feel like they were tricking you? >> that's why we were hesitating to take the train or not. >> the graphic image of the dead 3-year-old boy washed up on the turkish beach, becoming a rallying cry for the desperate migrants risking their lives to try to reach europe as they said that his wife and other young son also drowned when their boat capsized. he says that the image should be a wake up call to the world. well vice president joe biden continues to make the case for the obama administration's nuclear deal with iran. speaking with jewish community leaders in south florida today. biden says that the agreement will make the united states,
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israel, and the world safer. and that he would challenge anyone to find a politician more consistent in the support of israel than he has been. also ahead mark warner and corey booker became the latest democrat to announce their support for the iran nuclear deal. and just yesterday that the senate democrats, they would clinch the number of the votes that they needed to uphold their veto if necessary and with the republican presidential nomination disapproving the agreement. our chances of storms would continue to increase for them on friday and that chief meteorologist will be tracking the first alert doppler radar. >> one storm there, no warnings, but a couple of heavier storms running through the district in to prince george's county and some really big storms out to the west that they will become more intense south of winchester approaching i-66. we will concentrate on this storm around both fedex and also nats park. the good news is that it is move south of fedex now and with the heavier rain that i never saw any had hail in this storm, but no doubts for them down towards mt. vernon and
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clinton that you would have light rain right now and that you would notice that it is green with the heavier rain to move south and east and heavy rain right now in old town and towards silver hills to zoom back out to put it on storm tracker moving off the southeast at about 13 to 14 miles per hour. and so headed towards pinefield at about 6:31 and maybe brandy at 6:21 as they would move to the southeast that it will hold together and they would cross over 301. if you are headed home over the next half hour that you'll have some showers to deal with. but the good news is that it will be dry, warm, muggy with the temps in the 80s throughout the entire game at fedex as we will come back and talk about that cold front tomorrow and what it will mean for your holiday weekend. metro's top management in the hot seat over the derailment that jammed up thousands of people last month. within the past hour one of those managers resigned. >> several board members demanded that somebody be punished for failing to prevent the big mess. bruce leshan with the troubled
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agency's latest problems. >> reporter: we have now learned that several front line metro workers have resigned. but some board members, they think that top managers need to face discipline in the latest confident crushing incident on the rails. >> and i have absolutely no confidence in the safety department. i have no confidence whatsoever. >> reporter: the board members would hammer the man in charge in their metro department. that you've got next to no information about what will go on, and that you need to fly on the higher level that you don't even look at this with their rank and file employee that will be disciplined when their safety would relax and that yet that management, they would get a pass. >> luckily no passengers were on the train that would derail on august 6. but that it would leave thousands of metro riders scrambling to get to work. and it turns out that an $8
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million testing machine had detected problems with the track a month earlier. but that the worker had mistakingly deleted that data. >> if you get a new technology to train everybody on how it works. and for failing to catch mistake. >> and the parties are here today and that they are in a room. and that the safety officer, jim ward had resigned. and in dc that bruce leshan wusa9. it turns out that track inspectors that had walked over the section of the rail that failed eight different times, that they would say it is still unclear if they could have detected that problem beforehand. and france is now confirming the piece when they were discovered on the remote island of the indian ocean from the missing malaysian airline flight as they would say that it was positively identified through the serial number that corresponds to the boeing 777 and that disappeared in march of last year. with 234 people on board. a small plane grazed the roof
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of the southern california home and crashed in to their driveway killing one person and critically injured another that the single-engine plane went down near san diego. the pilot was pulled and rushed to the hospital. the father of the murdered roanoke reporter alison parker has resigned for the henry county board of supervisors, announcing that he'll come to washington next week to talk to lawmakers about gun control as parker says one of his meetings is with mark kelly who is the husband of former arizona congresswoman gabby giffords who was shot four years ago in a parking lot. tom brady was overturned for his alleged role in deflategate. the judge ruled the nfl commissioner roger goodell overstepped his sincerity in issuing that punishment and that the suspension has several legal deficiencies. goodell says they will appeal, but not put a hold, which means
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that he could play in their season opener as he insists that they would play no role in any scheme to use that deflate football. >> coming up, we will go live with a preview for their final pre-season game. and also ahead, new evidence in the murder of the arlington mother. but up next that democrats, they would spell out what they they would spell out what they would like to hear them
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the letter signed by the democrats say that by showing solidarity with pope francis who has sent a message of hope to affect the policy effects in washington. the first ever address would take place thursday september 24. we also learned today that the argentine-born pope would have english translations shown on the big screens there. we have an entire section dedicated to pope francis' visit to america on the new wusa9 app. that is where you'll find everything from the pope's schedule to how you can be a part of the events while he is here in washington. the state flags of maryland will remain at half staff until sunset from the former governor marvin mandell whose funeral was today in davidsonville. the current governor larry hogan would declare them as the architect of maryland, dying sunday at the age of 95. the detectives searched the
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home of the estrange husband after their wife was found dead. they could have found evidence that they had been looking for. all of this. but up next the new developments in the deadly hit
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a developing story out of alexandria tonight as they have identified the person and their vehicle that struck and killed a woman this morning and that they have also gotten a name for that victim and that none of them were released just yet as they would happen shortly at the intersection of braddock and commonwealth avenues. if you have any information about the crash that they would love to hear from you. >> a husband's home is being searched after they died just months ago in the brutal attack. >> and that they were not made in the murder of bonnie black. but as we find out new evidence could change that. >> reporter: the home was searched or thely after bonnie black was found dead in april, but tonight police are carrying out the search warrant after believing that there is new evidence inside that could lead to new information for the murder investigation. detectives would search this home for hours in an effort to solve a brutal murder. this is a home of david black, the estrange husband of bonnie black who was stabbed to death in april near her home just blocks away. and that the couple had a
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history of domestic issues, that they were involved in a custody battle over their two young kids. and despite always being a person of interest, that they never arrested david black. but that they are now searching for their home again. >> and that they are still inside at this time and that they have yet to be brought out. in which they could determine if david black is responsible for the murder of bonnie. >> and they were made up of paperwork and bags of trash and two bicycles and a bicycle trailer, which police tell us that they would be sent down to the state lab for further dna analysis. neighbors say this is the first time in a while that they have seen police back out here. after four and a half months waiting that they will have some kind of closure and justice for bonnie. reporting in arlington, wusa9. >> david and bonnie black's 3- year-old and 5-year-old are in the custody of their family members, but they tell us that he has been in touch with them. la plata, maryland
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residence say that they did the right thing by charging them withthreats of mass violence after a racially-charged tweet went out on social media. carlos hollins used the #blacklivesmatter to call for others to follow him on a killing spree targeting white people in la plata. in the online video that he later claimed that he was not that serious. well here is la plata police chief. >> it moved so fast. and that we originally knew about it around 4:45 and within 15 minutes that we would have dozens of people posting on the facebook page have you heard about this, what are you doing about this as they went viral very quickly. >> reporter: hollins is being held on a quarter million bail. a couple of storms that they are tracking a few storms on the way out, which is good news for the redskins game and the nats who really have to start winning. don't give up on them just yet that we're looking at a hot
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evening that they would manage to make it to the low to mid- 90s with a shower at nationals, down to 82. but the folks that would not receive the showers are still hovering around 90 at this hour and the winds are northeast at 7 and the live michael and son weather cam as pressure is falling just a little bit with doppler over the last hour. their first alert doppler as you can see they are now moving out of the district in to prince george's county, heading for your folks in charles county, just popping up in the last 30 minutes or so and on the east side of montgomery county and also in to prince george's county on the border that these brig storms on out to the west that first thing is first that we will zoom in. and nothing severe about this storm. and heavy rain that you'll see the red here that it is pretty heavy activity with the rainfall rates over an inch per hour, drifting to the south with moderate rain right now in clinton and get ready for the heavier rain in the next half hour as they would move off to the south and east and that right now we'll track it for you on the storm tracker, by
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6:41 that they could experience the heavy rain. and now back to the west that these are pretty big storms, back to front royal over to woodstock that it is kind of a line of storms if you will. heavy rain and frequent lightning around front royal. so here is the thunder to get them inside as they are drifting to the south and east tracking these headed towards washington. not dc where they are in it. and that is headed there at 7:00. warrenton at 7:20. expect the frequent lightning with these storms and the heavier downpours as well. early storms, then the patchy fog tonight, those areas that would show you a much better chance of generating fog overnight as they would look dry and very warm and that mainly in the 70s to the 80s with a slight chance for the shower and more storms on friday and mainly in the afternoon and that some of those could be heavy, more widespread. tonight on future cast at 10:00, looking for the showers to the north. that i would not worry so much
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about those and through 6:00 that it will be dry to start with the temps in the upper 60s to the 70s. we are 80 downtown and then by 1:00, boom here comes the showers and the thunderstorms with the temperatures in the 80s. they should keep them just barely below 90 tomorrow. 80 by 9:00 and 85 by 11:00. perhaps a shower of the storms, 88 by 1:00. saturday and sunday okay. some showers and clouds are possible south and west of town. but cooler in the mid-80s on saturday and sunday and nice for labor day that we are 90, nice. 91 on tuesday and mid-90s on wednesday and upper 80s on thursday to go to the stadium on saturday for the game that they will be in good shape with them in the 70s for tailgating. >> is it bad that amidst all the craziness that they would play tonight? >> no. >> and is there a game tonight? [ laughter ] >> there is actually a game tonight. no it doesn't mean anything. except for the players that are looking to make that roster, but yes there is a game as the redskins would try to clear their mind on the drama and
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play some football. coming up a live report from the fedex field. what to expect what did iran's supreme leader get in the nuclear deal? to start with, $100 billion.
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they keep their nuclear facilities and ballistic missiles. there won't be surprise anytime-anywhere inspections. and after ten years, restrictions are lifted and iran could build a nuclear weapon in two months. congress should reject a bad deal. we need a better deal.
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we've got breaking news for you out of prince george's county with a fatal crash on the beltway. and a live picture from the center of the scene reducing the number of the lanes that they will be squeezing by the scene as they would back up all the way to the springfield inner change as you can imagine if you are one of their drivers headed for fedex field for tonight's game you'll probably be a bit late.
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it is a night for some football as the pre-season game will come to a close as they will be hosting the jacksonville jaguars to want. one of the big games for those trying to make the final 53-man roster as dave owens is standing by live with more on what to look for in tonight's game. >> yes, that they would send people out here at the fedex field tonight. i was hoping to get the assignment to cover middle school, jv lacrosse. what you would feel behind me and that story line for tonight. well, keep your eye on the quarterback as he is suppose to play the entire game, and that is because kurt cousins is the starter. and that they will be going through the construction protocol, which is the way they will shape out here tonight. mccoy has been the forgotten man, but not tonight.
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>> i love to compete, so i'll go out there and just play with the guys that are out there. hopefully that it will be thrown up and down the field annid fish the preseason on a high note. >> reporter: all right, good news for the team that could use it. cleared of any wrong doing in those domestic violence allegations over the summer that you remember in june and a woman with bruises on her arms, cuts on her lips surfaced on the twitter accounts by allegations that were caused by him as they found no substance to those plans. all right, now back to the life story from yesterday. that story was so shocking and that a lot of people around here, they thought it was fake. i said earlier that in the day that covering this team, it could be somewhat exhausting. and this is awesome for fans too as we talked to some of them here. listen to tracy jackson. >> reporter: this is my first year of being a season ticketholder.
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and i became a ticketholder for reasons, but those same reasons were taken away from me. i'm not only thinking about what is important, by being a season ticketholder anymore, but thinking about not being a redskins fan no more. that is how it has affected me with all the crazy stuff going on. >> reporter: tough words there by a long-time fan. all right don't forget you can follow all the action on the wusa9 app tonight. and the skins action on the wusa9 app, check that out. all right guys, we'll have a full report for you at 11:00. for now we'll send it back to you in the studios. fired up fans there that they will see the action. and the ravens are down in action. staying off the radar when it comes to dysfunction, but that they would draw attention in the other way. aside losing a couple of key players the ravens are finally healthy again. bedardus picked the ravens to win it all, having them beating
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the seattle seahawks in super bowl 50, predicting them to go 11-5 and predict the redskins to go 3-13. >> let's just hope at least that second part is not true. that's on broadcast. we'll see you at 11:00. >> yes, more than three then.
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>> pelley: the kentucky county clerk goes to jail for refusing to give marriage licenses to gay couples. also on the broadcast, the refugee boy who captured the heart of the world. now we know his name and his story. trump makes peace with the g.o.p. >> i have signed the pledge. >> pelley: a judge lifts tom brady's suspension, but that game's not over. and the laundromat man who talks bad guys into giving up. >> fellas, you're all an embarrassment to every criminal with a brain. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: rowan county, kentucky, could be the last front in a losing battle against same-sex marriage.


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